About Kate Harrison

During this troubling political climate under the Trump Administration, leaders like Councilmember Kate Harrison provide comfort to targeted communities. Her strong defense of civil liberties and pro-Sanctuary legislative efforts demonstrate her true character.
~ Brian Hofer, Chair, City of Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission



Kate comes from three generations of women activists, fighting for justice and equity. As a community leader, Kate:

  • Fought for increased community benefits from Downtown developments.
  • Successfully led volunteer efforts to secure $4 million/year for Berkeley’s affordable housing and homeless services, despite $1 million spent to oppose it.
  • Enhanced our infrastructure, parks and Downtown by serving on Berkeley’s Housing Advisory, Parks and Open Space Commissions.
  • Is the State and National Politics Chair of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club and coauthor of its Economic Justice agenda.
  • Cofounded the Berkeley Progressive Alliance, organizing activists to promote progressive policies and elect progressive candidates.
  • Served on the Board of Berkeley Food and Housing, providing housing, food and services to our unhoused fellow-residents.
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Mime Troupe.

Kate attended UCB as an undergraduate and received her Masters from the Goldman School of Public Policy. As a student activist, she worked on Berkeley’s rent control campaign, protecting tenants from unjust evictions and unreasonable rent increases, formed a statewide coalition to pass California’s first just cause eviction protection, and exposed abuses committed by the FBI for the ACLU.

Kate’s first paid job involved identifying inequitable treatment of minority communities by Oakland’s criminal justice system.



As a public sector consultant, for the past 16 years Kate solved problems for agencies in 31 California counties, eight states and fourteen nations.  Her firm improves systematic access for people and brings agencies to provide legal resources and improve outcomes in foster care, domestic violence, child support and child custody cases. People who benefit from Kate’s work include Native American foster youth in North Dakota, defendants without lawyers in Serbia and people returning to their communities from prison.

Kate’s work experience includes policy and executive positions in the San Francisco Mayor’s Office under Art Agnos, and at the California Administrative Office of the Courts, where she helped develop the budget and policies for and enhance access to California’s $1.7 billion-a-year court system. Kate has balanced budgets and improved government efficiency while ensuring services for the most vulnerable are maintained and employees treated fairly.