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Help Kate Harrison help Berkeley! Sign up below to add to the growing community of leaders who are affirming Kate as the best choice to represent downtown Berkeley and the surrounding neighborhoods as Berkeley’s next District 4 Councilmember.

I support Kate because of her deep knowledge of the City's budget & finances, and her commitment to making Berkeley a prosperous, greener, resilient and equitable community. Berkeley is a better place because of her leadership on the City Council.

- Gordon Wozniak, Former Berkeley City Councilmember

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Campaign Endorsements (Organizations)

Sierra Club


Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club








National Union of Healthcare Workers




Our Revolution East Bay


Evolve California



Berkeley Tenant’s Union



Elected and Public Officials


Jesse Arreguín

Mayor of Berkeley


Ben Bartlett

Berkeley City Councilmember



Sophie Hahn

Berkeley City



Kevin DeLeon

Former President Pro Tempore, California State Senate; Los Angeles City Councilmember


Jane Kim

Former Member, SF Board of Supervisors; Executive Director, Working Families Party (ID purposes only)

Aaron Peskin

San Francisco Board of Supervisors


Ana Vasuedo

Director, Berkeley School Board


Nicky Gonzalez Yuen

Peralta Community College Trustee 


Karen Weinstein

Peralta Community College Trustee 

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 11.59.38 AM

Dyana Delifín Polk

Peralta Community College Trustee



Jovanka Beckles

AC Transit Director


Andy Katz

East Bay Mud Director


Joaquín Rivera

Alameda County Board of Education


Dan Kalb

Oakland City Councilmember


Rebecca Kaplan

Oakland City Councilmember 


Corina Lopez

San Leandro City Councilmember, Alameda County Central Committee

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 11.16.17 AM

Devin Murphy

Mayor Pro Tempore, Pinole; AD 15 Delegate, California Democratic Party


Gabriel Quinto

El Cerrito City Councilmember



Jean Quan

Former Mayor of Oakland 


Wendy Bloom

Executive Board/Delegate, California Democratic Party


Gordon Wozniak

Former Berkeley City Councilmember

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 12.43.16 PM

Sheila Jordan

Former Superintendent of Schools, Alameda County

FCCB Portrait (2)

Shirley Dean

Former Mayor of Berkeley 

GayleLaughlin_EBE_0023_mz1 (1)_edited-3

Gayle McLaughlin

Richmond City Councilmember


Leah Simon-Weisberg, Chair
Soli Alpert, Vice Chair
John Selawsky
Paola Laverde
Andy Kelley
James Chang

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Michael Colbruno

Port Commissioner, City of Oakland

Sameena Usman

Delegate, CA AD-25 ADEM; Government Relations Coordinator. San Francisco Bay Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (ID purposes only)

Tracy Rosenberg

Executive Director, Media Alliance

Cynthia Papermaster

Director, Berkeley No More Guantanamo

Jack Kurzweil

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club

Kelly Hammargren

Sustainable Berkeley Coalition

George Lippman

Racial Criminal Justice Reform

John Lindsay-Poland

Friends Service Committee

Rob Wrenn

Co-Founder, Berkeley
Progressive Alliance

Larry Giustino

President/CEO, A1 Solar

Pamela Drake and Michael Barnett

Alameda County Democratic Central Committee

Zippie Collins

East Bay Communities for Action

Luis Amezcua

Sierra Club

Matthew Lewis

Mansour Id-Deen

President, Berkeley NAACP (ID purposes only)

Elliot Halpern

ACLU of Norther California (ID purposes only)

Tom Dalzell

Quirky Berkeley Blog; Former Business Agent, IBEW 

City of Berkeley Commissioners

Diana Bohn
Lisa Bullwinkel
Nico Calavita
Kitty Calavita
Shirley Dean
Erin Diehm
Steve Finacom
Cate Leger
Mary Ann Meany
Jim McGrath
Samantha Nelson
Bryce Nesbitt
Christina Oatfield
Carrie Olson
Owen Poindexter
Jane Scantlebury
Holly Scheider
Margo Schueler
Karma Smart
Antoinette Stein
Daniel Tahara
Sil Vossler

Community Leaders

Lewis Ames
Judy Bertelsen
Malcolm Burnstein
Vincent Casalaina
Jeffery Carter
Julia Cato
Juli Dickey
Fred Dodsworth
Stefan Elgstrand
David Fielder
Gale Garcia
Victor Garlin
Nancy Holland
Zoe Kalkanis
Moni Law
Bernie Lenhoff
Steve Levine
Sharon Maldonado
Sally Nelson
Martin Nicolaus
Ned Pearlstein
Nancy Schimmel
Cindy Shambam
Margot Smith
Charlene Woodcock