Jobs and Economy

Recognizing and Protecting Small Local Businesses and the Arts

Kate’s innovative legacy business program recognizes the existing businesses and cultural institutions that make Berkeley unique. As a member of the Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, she advocated for small, local businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic through small business and arts grants, by bringing forward commercial eviction protections for businesses that suffered losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and business damage relief funds.


Pro Worker Legislation

Predictable schedules contribute to racial equity, worker economic security, happier and healthier employees, and success for employers and the economy. Kate drafted legislation requiring scheduling certainty for low-wage workers and offers of more hours to part time workers before additional part time employees are hired. She is a fierce supporter of paid parental leave, including for all City employees. She is co-sponsoring legislation ensuring that when a business in a leased city property closes, successor business must give workers their jobs back.

Converting to Employee Ownership

To stem the economic decline from shuttering of dozens of small businesses through retirement, Kate worked with the Office of Economic Development to establish succession plans, including employee purchases for these businesses. Kate is delighted that the Local Butcher Shop in District 4 is one of the first businesses to convert to employee ownership using city assistance.